Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 9 - Already Holland!! - 90km - Old Zeeland

After the shining smile of Ellen and Koen this morning and getting 6 free torches in the local car shop (nice sponsor) we cycled to Brugge, had a quick visit, fries and waffles and continued towards Holland. Cycling along channels almost all the way to the ocean, we got again one level higher in the bike way quality!
After taking the ferry to Zeeland (after which New Zealand has been named) rain started to pour...
we still made 20km more with 15 degrees, rain and wind until a mini-camping.
The number of bikers that we saw today was impressive as well as the umbrella-on-the-bike-technique.

We decided to dedicate this bike journey to Lintang our dear friend from Indonesia, where they have the 4-on-the-motorbike-with-umbrella-technique.

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  1. Thanks Björn! But four plus an umbrella is so last year.. right now five and a half plus a canopy is the hot thing =D
    Proud of you guys! Bon voyage!!