Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 7 - singing in the rain - 98km - between therouanne and cassel

After seeing the sun in the morning, it left us for the day and we had to ride through the rain instead. One hour after arriving it stopped raining and the sun came back. Perfect timing.
This brings us right away to the person we were riding for today: it is the lovely barbara who is probably right now dancing on some Brazilian beach with a huge mojito in her hand, because it was her who raised the concerned question: "are you really sure you gonna enjoy this?"

Due to cold feet and wet shoes we decided to use a real camping spot today which brings a couple of advantages: 1. electricity (important when after a day like today the battery of our solar system isnt charged) 2. warm showers 3. Internet (so we can upload some pictures and give an impression of our journey so far).
This also makes it possible to write a slightly longer text, compared to our sms blogging of the last days.
But most important, we were for the first time able to read all your comments. Thanks a lot for all the good wishes!

highlight of the day was being invited by a old woman for a coffee while just looking for some shelter from the rain for a few minutes. she also warned us that we have a good mountain straight in front of us (more than 10%, thats tour de france style). So with that in mind we will prepare our food and go to a good sleep.

And you can watch some pictures:


  1. Such nice pictures!!! Loved it!!

  2. Beautiful! My favorite is the one with the cow :D. You guys are awesome... Cuidense! Besos!!!

  3. Hi!!!

    Good job guys! All smiles! Especially Claudia hihi =)

    Thanks for day 3, I am there in a part of my mind. The rest of me is completely enjoying Vancouver!!

    Sending sun and power for the hills your way.



  4. Vraiment de belles photos!
    Il faut que je fasse un voyage de ce genre éventuellement!

  5. Good job la couz! Je suis vraiment fière de toi! Les photos sont superbes!! :-D Sab