Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 16 - "moin moin" - 110km - Bremen

Today the real north german experience started with the disappointing mismatch between maps and signs on the one hand and on the better hand Wieners, Wursts, Beers and a funny way to great people: "moin moin" (which means something like "good morning" but can be said the whole day).
We made it to Bremen today. A Beautiful city where we organized our own beer tasting at a nice and clear lake once again. We dedicate this day to Peter and his associated application Pete-Pedia thanks to which we found out that Weißbier contains wheat.

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  1. Moin moin! Morena!So lovely to know people are being so friendly and helping you along your way. Yes stay away from trains. Must be a bit hard to cope in the rain so you will all be glad it's stopped!
    NZ is now in the grip of a polar rodent with snow predicted tomorrow to 200m in the Waikato,Tauranga and Auckland! A once in a life time experience apparently! Snowing in Wellington city! Enjoy your summer while it lasts!Arohanui Marg and Alan Campbell