Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 18 - Going to Gabi - 78 km

We awoke this morning in our very own beds. That's right! Big pillows, fluffy duvet covers and more than an arms length of unoccupied rollover space for the first time since operation bike tour commenced. After cleaning our sand caked bicycles and a couple coffees we biked through Hamburg, ate some vendor food, checkout a bombed church and followed a small river out of town towards Lubeck (and more importantly to stay with Gabi, Janne's Mom). It was a relaxed day of cycling, no cows but a couple of storks...good vibrations, except for a brief section of cobble stone road. The Reggae music playing from Johns ghetto blaster reminded us of Rochelle and so we dedicate today to Rochelle. Simultaneously, Vivien was listening to the track "the score" by the fugees (4:37). Check it out Rochelle. This evening, we enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal and the company of the lovely Gabi. No wonder Janne is such a sweet heart.


  1. Might as well going for the Movember this year Dave! =)

  2. I'm a bring down the ruckus
    Play the nutcracker
    Rough-neck rednecks make me no bother
    Time after time, ask Cyndi Lauper,
    Boss, you don't want to f**k with my partners
    Motion, commotion, what's your proposal
    Uphold two-fold, the crew is disposal
    Like utensil, false idental,
    I autograph my lyrics with a number 2 pencil

    Word from up north, sending sunshine down south. ...Ride on...