Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 3 - climbing over the "alps off the normandie" - 96 km - south of falaise on the orne

today we dedicate the trip to anna and vanessa , as they would be surely with us if they had some time. And anna just had birthday. Today we almost made as much distance vertically as horizontally. Claudia felt like an overload donkey. Rob set up a speed record of 67km/h. Vivien made us ride in circles. We found cheap wine in large bottles wich we can drink now on our private little beach after we scared away all the families by playing baseball with apples. Now off to some indonisian cigarettes (special curtesy of anta)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1, 90km near Le Lion D'Anger

We are going to dedicate each day of cycling to a special person. They will provide us with the courage to keep pedalling, and hopefully we can inspire them to join us but embarking in their own adventure. Today we bike for Damaris, who we are sad to leave behind in Nantes. Love was to powerful for Damaris. We had a great day with the best weather in months, and our tents our erected next to a fishing pond in the Foret de Longuenee. Thanks to the Csontos family for a great Pinot Gris to accompany our blue cheese pasta.

The Departure

With the bikes packed and the racks ready to snap, we rolled out of la Peniche at 11am.  With out fate in Vivien's hands to get us out of France we said goodbye to shelter and comfort to spend a month on the roads and in the European wilderness.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Claudia: Started biking around 5. Is pursuing hapiness through biking, rain, sun and people.

David: Started biking around 4-5. Decided on impulse to join forces with peniche +1. (peniche = Claudia + Robert + John + Vivien and +1 = Björn)

John: Started biking at young age. Looking for an adventure.

Vivien: Not sure about approximate age of bike learning but sure has done it a lot. He does not want his bike to break and would prefer country side.

Rob: Late bloomer (first bicycle around 9). Biked to town, then to university, then across Canada.

Björn: Started swimming before biking. 7th of may 1990 was the day that Bjorn hit the streets with a bike. Trained seriously but got bored. Now he feels life is slow walking.

Apparently I prefered horses to bikes

Happyness on a tricyle
Attitude is around the corner