Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 14 - Already 2 weeks - 115km - near Groningen

We have had rain wind and cold for multiple days now but today we at least had the luck of biking and eating before it started pouring. We are staying in the backyard of a lovely lady who offered us some salad from the garden. Landscape of land below the sea level is quite impressive and often houses have their own moat.
We dedicate this day to Dayo whos mom asked "are they biking to stockholm because they are poor?" He is probably wondering why we are still biking and did not hop on a train. We hope you are enjoying your trip in west africa. We will dedicate tomorrow to Janne, as he will be leaving on his own bike trip.
Today we also hopped on three small ferries (outrageously expensive) saw a herd of sheep baa'ing in chorus. Also we saw about 20 cows with the same middle white vertical stripe. Dont think we are bored, we are just connecting with nature...

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  1. Guys, that's sooo nice!! Congratulations for completing 2 weeks without hoping on a train :) All sound like a lot of fun, not boring at all to me!!
    Hope the weather gets better!! Enjoy!!