Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 29 - Adventure - 99km's - in Granlund (95km from Stockholm).

Another day basking in the beauty of the Swedish forrests. For lunch we opted to finally open our can of fermented (not pickled) herring. Vivien was momentarily blinded as the pressurized can erupted upon puncture, spraying juice into his eyes. In the end we were truly defeated by the fish, almost all of us gave it a taste, but much was wasted, and we apologize for this. The smell was truly horrendous, and it tasted about the same, worse yet were the burps that came up the rest of the day. We ask any Scandinavian readers to please let us know how people can enjoy it.
In the afternoon we were truly in the back-country. Vivien led a tour of a dairy farm and netted us 500ml of fresh milk; we saw a ten year old boy driving one on the bigger tractors that we have ever seen; and a Volkswagen enthusiast gave us a flailing one fingered salute, he presumably thought we were Dutch.
We found yet another perfect lake side camp site, our last. With a small campfire and plenty of marshmallows we will reminisce about our adventure. 30 days, 6 countries, and a lot of stories. It is so different to wake up every day and not know where you will sleep, or what weather you will face, but it is really exciting when you find the perfect spot at the end of the day and feel satisfied that everything worked out. So different from our generally predictable day to day lives.
Tomorrow we should reach Stockholm, and prepare for our third semester. We dedicate the ride today to our two new classmates Antonio and Ray who left their PM3E family to join ME3 for the Stockholm semester!

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