Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 13 - Start of phase 2 - 133km (new record) - Close to the dutch Zurich

The first mission of the day was to get out of an european capital by bike which was easy peasy!
Troubles started when we found out that Viviens back wheel was broken and had to be replaced. But we were lucky in our bad luck since we were 2km away from a bikeshop with nice people and where we got to try electric bicycles and a pennyfarthing (check out in google).

After cycling along a dyke with a strong lateral wind, we started to cycle the longest dyke in europe with wind in the back between sea and sea. (30km long - done in one hour!!)
We established our own record for the longest distance ridden without using hands.

We dedicate this day to Björn who took a train to Berlin today. We already miss him but look forward to an early start tomorrow morning ;)

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  1. Congratulations on over 1000k's now and no hands!Hope the little boy doesn't take his finger out of the dyke!We are lovong your blog and sharing your news with friends. We're following your journey on a map. keep it up! Go for more records! Arohanui ki koutou!
    Marg and Alan