Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 10 - The land of the wind powered bicylce - 131km -Leiden

We dedicate today to Eric since we had a powerful 25 knot wind pushing us along, allowing us to break our distance record. And we passed hundreds of thousands of kite surfers. We passed along 30km of dykes with ocean crashing to our left and the calm, controlled sea to our right.

We took our first break after 75km to fill up on fries with the special dutch peanut sauce and ice cream. We also celebrated our first 1000km with a fine bottle of champagne before hopping on a small ferry. We are camping now in a beautiful park surrounded to by canals and cows.

We have a special dedication to Andrée and Carlos (Claudia's parents)who supported us in Chateauguay yesterday by biking 100km each. We are really proud of you.


  1. Björn, why no biking shorts?
    congratulations on the first 1000km!

  2. Ahh, the Rambech is feeling the good windy vibes from down south. As by strange coincidence or telepathy, I had the kite out this weekend at a local Norwegian spot. Our connection is very much alive. Be well, be safe, be happy!!!

  3. By the way, Snow is impressed with your swift progress (especially today's turbo speed). She sends her admiration and quiet concern she'll be overtaken in Stockholm.

  4. Hey dear friends!!

    Good luck in your journey!!

    Don't bike too much... =)

    Love you all and miss you all!


  5. You all look SO happy in this last photo!! It's really good to see you're having lots of fun :)