Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 26 - smaland - 105 km - near Signesbo

We left our camping spot around 10 to go straight north until Jonkoping, a city we have been having fun trying to pronounce with a Swedish accent. We had quite a surprise when we saw a men who we asked directions to, 40 km later, making sure we were on the good way. He even got out of his car to continue the previously started conversation. We had a long break enjoying the rays of sun we have been wishing for since we left France. We also renewed with the hills long gone since eNormandie as we headed north-east after the break. We saw some young fellows who seemed to be just entering the undergraduate world judging their behaviour and dressing code. They reminded us and our first days with ME3 and because of that we dedicate this day to Lili, who started early our Facebook page that made the first link amongst some of us. We landed on a beautiful peninsula we were allowed to squat for a night. Mosquitoes are fiercely taking over as the sun is going down. ll

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