Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 21 - 102 km - Straight finish of phase 2 - Copenhagen

We prioritized distance in order to spend some time in the capital city. The route was fairly straight with the typical scenery of wheat and corn. We happened upon possibly our nicest lunch spot yet as we parked on a rickety platform thAt stretched 30m over the shallow sea, along a pristine white sand beach. After a short swim in the frigid waters we shared a Dan-cake to celebrate Andrea's birthday, who we dedicated the ride to.
We opted for a youth hostel which was a bit of a scam as there were additional charges for everything.
We shared a few beers along the canal to celebrate the 2000km mark and the start of phase 3 of the trip "into the North". We went to an all you can eat all almost put them out of business with our bikers' appetites and our unwillingness to pay 15DKK for a glass of water. What a beautiful biking city with and incredible style of bikes, even Bjorn would go unnoticed here.
The night was warm with 5 people in a 4 person room, ventilation must have been an additional charge.
We will head for Sweden tomorrow.


  1. Yey!!! Congratulations for 2000km and also for the end of phase 2!! Good luck in Sweden!!!

  2. Hey people! Jajaja...

    Ok, I'll be honest, I always get goose bumps when I read through what your day has been like because I find it so amazing and exciting! But today I cried a little... Is not only that you are doing an incredible trip, but the fact that you take the time to share it with us and remember us along the way is, well, overwhelming!!! THANK YOU!

    I'm glad that on my day you got to take lunch on such a nice spot and get to 2000km! I got to spend my day in Madrid, in a get together with some of my best friends from back home, drinking some rhum and thinking of you and all of our ME3 family.

    Best of luck for phase 3 and I will see you soon! Besos!!!

  3. hi guys how are you?
    koen and ellen here,
    i see you are still alive?did you had a good journey since you left belguim??
    big drama happpend on belgiums 2nd big festivals, caused by heavy storm , 5 people died,
    enough bad news,i've been follow you guys every day,and have seen lots of great pictures during the way? how much longer to go???
    grtz from the westcoast belguim ;)

  4. Bonjour les cyclistes, braves et déterminés,

    Bravo pour vos 2 000 km!
    Je souhaite que les Suédois vous acceuillent en grand, vous êtes de très grands cyclistes!

    Bonne route!

    Anonie Mousse (AL)