Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 8 -Leaving France, welcome Belgium - 111km - Westkerke

Laziest beginning of the trip. Thanks to... Internet. There is so much to do when you have connection to interwebs. 12:00 was the departure which did not stop us to do our part and hammer more than 100km.

So now after almost exactly 6 month we left France and now ride the bikeways of Belgium. Our way so far was: 92 90 82 81 25 24 64 23 22 21 51 50 66 31 45 43 36 01 85 86. Everyone who travelled through Belgium or France by bike knows what that means :)

Being quite exhausted and desperately on the search for a place to stay we were picked up by Ellen and Koen (speak "Koon") who offered us their back yard and a warm shower. And did not stop with that but also gave us beer and wine. (although Koen mother is a little concerned about the strangers and told him to have an eye on us)

Just plain perfect!!

Ellen and Koen and their soon to be around daughter whos name we know now but are not allowed to tell anyone. (its a nice name)

Today we rode for hsin hsang because after 700 kilometers we saw the sun this morning and thought "so far so good".


  1. we also had a real good time, and did it with great pleasure, maybe see you guys ever again and good luck during the trip , did you get your free flash lights??? how can i post the pictures we took?? grtz from the west side belguim.

  2. Chers cyclistes endurcis,

    Aujourd'hui 6 août, j'ai roulé 100km en pensant à vous. Je vous lève mon chapeau de rouler une telle distance pendant 23 jours. Peut-être un jour? J'y pense...

    Anonie Mousse

  3. Ellen & Koen,

    As the parent of one of the cyclists, I’m very glad and hopeful they run into people so kind and generous such as you or the old lady in France. Thank you very much.