Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 12 - Museums and Sightseeing - Amsterdam - 26km

wow, one day we spend only part time on the bike and mostly indoors. After 11 days in
the wilderness thats kind of a strange feeling.

Being in Amsterdam, we dedicate our off day to Ashreeta as we unfortunately missed her here and she also gave us helpful tips how to plan our evenings. and it will most likely be the most lazy day of our trip.

Right now John and Dave try to plan the route for the next days, which includes reading out names of towns in Holland and Germany. At least for Björn, that is unimaginably funny.

Also a thing that happened for the first time on the trip was riding bikes alone and not seeing everyone the whole day.

Like yesterday we are staying with 2 friends of Vivien who invited us to their beautiful place close to the amsterdam city center, which we turned into a mess right away..

Marie and Jaques (with cat)

The mess we created

We were also provided with entry cards with which we could enter every museum for free without cueing, which was a really awesome possibility to see a bunch of places.

Tomorrow the group will get a little bit smaller (and faster, concerning the preparations in the morning) as Björn will take the lazy train to Berlin and enjoy the rest of the trip like you, from the blog.

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