Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 30 - Mission accomplished! - Stockholm (Bromma) - 85 km

We did it! We finally arrived in Stockholm after 2898 km of tarmac, gravel, ferries, mosquitos, lakes, trees, sweat, sun, rain, cold, heat and lots and lots and lots of fun!

We dedicate this day to our parents, our family our friends and all of you guys who followed us on this blog and wrote us nice messages.

We also wanted to thank very warmly all the people who hosted us on our way, offered us some water, some coffee, some one finger salutes or some high fives: Thanks to Ellen and Kuen in Belgium, to Marie and Jacques in Amsterdam, to Gabi in Lubeck, to Eva and Bo in Smaland and to Dave and Christine who are giving up privacy for the well-being of the crew.

A special thank you to Bjorn also who posted most of our messages when we were out in the wilderness!

Photos to come!


  1. Montauban, 28 août 2011, 9 h 19

    BRAVO !

    Jean-François - Anni

  2. Ka Rawe! Awesome you guys! What an amazing journey! You deserve a rest now but I imagine now you have to exercise your minds as you start your new semester. All the best for your studies and we hope you enjoy your Swedish experience. Look forward to hearing more stories and seeing more photos.
    Arohanui, Marg and Alan

  3. Congratulations guys! So glad to know that you made it all in one piece!!! :P
    Enjoy your rest and Stockholm. Have a nice start there!
    Hope to see you soon in the wild north...:)

  4. Félicitations à vous tous! Merci d'avoir partagé cette extraordinaire aventure avec nous.
    Bon retour à l'école.
    Anonie Mousse (AL)

  5. Bravo à vous tous ! Vous l'avez fait, incroyable...
    On est très fier de toi Claudia-Gabrielle.
    Bisous XXX
    tante Hélène & oncle Paul

  6. congrats to you all!!!!!
    ellen and koen