Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 19 - Mosquito night - 93km - in grossenbrode, germany

We awoke to the breakfast of the year prepared for us by Gaby early in the morning before she left for work. It was the complete organic special with more choices than most village grocery stores. We took the morning to tour Janne's childhood stomping grounds. Claudia and Rob by canoe, the others by self guided walking tour. We departed at 3pm and headed North with our sights set on the ferry to Denmark. With John leading the way with his new horn he cleared the tourists from the coastal paths as we rode along the Baltic Sea. We are camping now on the coast and getting our first taste of the mousquito's that Anna has promised us in Sweden. We dedicate today to Kevin as we were reminded of him with each Rittersport (Riddersport!) we ate throughout Germany. We know Kevin wishes he was with us rather than on a cruise boat in the Mediterranean.

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