Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 1, 90km near Le Lion D'Anger

We are going to dedicate each day of cycling to a special person. They will provide us with the courage to keep pedalling, and hopefully we can inspire them to join us but embarking in their own adventure. Today we bike for Damaris, who we are sad to leave behind in Nantes. Love was to powerful for Damaris. We had a great day with the best weather in months, and our tents our erected next to a fishing pond in the Foret de Longuenee. Thanks to the Csontos family for a great Pinot Gris to accompany our blue cheese pasta.


  1. ça commence plutôt bien on dirait ! good night !

  2. Thank you!!!
    I will keep sending you love the entire month.
    Miles de abrazos.

  3. Animo muchachos! un abrazo.