Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Claudia: Started biking around 5. Is pursuing hapiness through biking, rain, sun and people.

David: Started biking around 4-5. Decided on impulse to join forces with peniche +1. (peniche = Claudia + Robert + John + Vivien and +1 = Björn)

John: Started biking at young age. Looking for an adventure.

Vivien: Not sure about approximate age of bike learning but sure has done it a lot. He does not want his bike to break and would prefer country side.

Rob: Late bloomer (first bicycle around 9). Biked to town, then to university, then across Canada.

Björn: Started swimming before biking. 7th of may 1990 was the day that Bjorn hit the streets with a bike. Trained seriously but got bored. Now he feels life is slow walking.

Apparently I prefered horses to bikes

Happyness on a tricyle
Attitude is around the corner


  1. I'm your first follower!!!
    Good luck to all of you! Wish you a wonderful trip full of adventures and memorable moments :)
    Take care and keep updating the blog ;)
    I'll be in touch anyway...


  2. Best of luck guys! Will be thinking of you! See you in Stockholm. :)

  3. Biche c'est un sale trip que tu fais là! Sache que je pense a toi et toute votre equipe. Amusez vous bien et faites attention aux machines!

  4. Good luck!
    For making the things easier, you guys can either bike each day in the name of one of your beloved classmates or bike the 30 days in my name. As you prefer... XD

  5. Super idée ce blog pour vous suivre, bon courage à tous, et surtout prenez plaisir.

  6. Ehhh! C'est moi derrière toi sur la photo à cheval!! Ça parait vraiment un super voyage que vous faites. Je pense à toi!